It's the

Thank you for your support!

After long deliberation, I have decided to withdraw from the race for Grand County Clerk.  I’ve been given an opportunity to serve in another role which I believe will have significant long-term benefits for our community.  I have been offered and accepted the job of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Coordinator for Utah State University – Moab.  I believe this program offers important opportunities for our students and our local businesses and will give me the chance to effect change for our community.


I’m very excited to have this opportunity!  I want to thank everyone who supported me to run for public office and I feel that Gabriel Woytek will serve the public well as our next County Clerk.

What I will offer as Clerk/Auditor
My government values

Communication, Transparency, Accountability

Our local government is here to serve the people.  We expect accountability in budgeting, open and accessible information, and open public meetings!

What I will work for
Your Vote Matters

Why I want to serve as the Grand County Clerk

Qualified, Experienced, Committed

I moved to our community in 1994 and I chose to raise my family here.  During the past 30 years I have worked for local governments, public education and higher education. 

Our community benefits when local government is accessible and open! 

Local government is here to serve the public.  Our citizens and businesses deserve accountable budgeting, accessible information and open meetings.  These were all goals that I worked towards during my time as Moab City Recorder (Municipal Clerk).

I enjoyed serving the public and when I retired in 2020, I missed helping people.  I have the opportunity to serve again and help our community.  I take pride in my honesty, experience and above all my ability to serve our community.

I love living in Moab and Grand County and I have the Experience, Knowledge and Skills this job demands!

My Qualifications

Helping Our Community


Years in Moab


Years of Public Service


Public Agencies

What I offer

I have 30 years of Public Service and 27 years of Local Government Administrative Experience
I believe that Education and Professional Development are Essential to keeping our Government Accountable and Efficient
Good leaders inspire others to grow and achieve! I have served in Leadership Roles for Local Government, Public Education and Higher Education
Public Service

What I will work for


The public's business should be conducted in public and be accessible, understandable and easy to find.


Our local government is funded by taxes. Responsible budgeting and responsible spending of the public's money.


Relaying important information to the public is essential. Informing our community on the County's Budgets, Elections and Business Licensing.


Governing Officials need information to base decisions on. Data on taxes, spending and forecasts need to be accurate and easily understandable for everyone.

Fiscal Vitality

Grand County's revenue streams are varied, but growth and tourism can put pressure on our local tax base. Ensuring that we make the best use of Sales Based Taxes to stabilize our local economy and save for the future.


The County has a diversity of functions, departments and people. The Clerk should collaborate with businesses, department heads, local and state agencies, other elected officials and the public.